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READ THIS TO FIND OUT MORE ........ 3 Easy Steps when buying Your New Computer

Need Advice

Need Advice

We,re here to take the stress out of your experience

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New Set Ups

Computers, ipads, Tablets, phones

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The Craig Computers' Philosophy

Craig Computers was created out of a desire to provide people with expert advice, knowledge and assistance when purchasing a computer. As a former Computer Technician Manager of a leading Computer Retail Store for ten years, I realized many customers were unaware of all the considerations involved when buying a computer. It became evident that there wasn't the support available for customers to make an informed choice and many customers were buying inappropriately. Craig Computers takes away the confusion and frustration associated with buying a computer and puts you in control of buying what's best for you.

Customer Update

To date I have been fielding many calls from customers regarding queries about their computers, routers, emails, viruses and pre-purchase advice etc. Also I have been able to advise customers about the options available under the manufacturing or extended warranty of their product Please don't hesitate to call. As I am only too happy to help.

Keep the Calls Coming

We have been in business now for five and a half years and still growing. A great big thank you to all our wonderful customers for your support. Just give me a call and I will be glad to advise you on the best solution for you.                 

   07 5758254 or 0274508887

Mike Craig

We are looking for anyone who won’t
mind putting one of our sign up on your fence
who live on a busy road.
90 cm x 61 cm
If you can help us with this please contact us on
Mike: 075758254

READ THIS TO FIND OUT MORE ..............3 Easy Steps when buying Your New Computer