3rd-Party Pre-installed programs

You may find there will be 3rd party pre-installed program on your new computer that will ask you to register with them to be able to use it. If you don’t like the program you should be able to un-install it. Be aware that some programs may change settings on your computer so I guess the best thing to do is go on line and read about it first.


If you have a very old printer it may not work with your new computer. Check by going onto the manufacturer’s website to see if there are printer drives available for your old printer that will work with the new computer. You can also plug in your old printer and see if it will self-install. (You will need to be connected to the internet before you plug in the printer). 

Office Trials

Microsoft Office trials have been on computers for some time now but remember they are trials. The most common perception is that people think they are getting a free Office program. If you setup and run the trial you will need to purchase Office when the trial runs out (mainly if you are using the Outlook email program). There are free programs out there that are similar to Microsoft Office but not 100%. If you are running a business and already use Microsoft Office I suggest you stay with this program to avoid complications.
Don’t use Outlook unless you are planning to purchase it. If you just want to use a free email program use Thunderbird. Apple has its own mail program. Check to see if the new computer has Microsoft Office starter, if so you may be able to use office 2010 Word & Excel basic for free.

Windows live mail is no longer supported so wouldn’t suggest using it.

Surge Protection

I have always believed that you should have some form of surge protection. If you have a notebook/laptop or net book I would recommend a small portable one. With desktops, purchase one that allows you to plug straight into your PC, printer, monitor, and modem. I would recommend Belkin, although they do cost more they come with a great warranty. I have seen Belkin repair or replace customers’ computers through their warranty, and also replace the faulty surge board.


A Notebook/laptop standard battery will generally last up to 1 1/2 to 2 hours from a full charge. Some of the notebooks/laptops state they will last up to 3-4 hours, those batteries may hold a larger capacity which allows that to happen. Just remember that your battery power settings will need to be set on low to get the most out of the battery when not plugged into power. Watching DVDs will go through the battery faster.

Anti-Virus Program

There are several ways you can obtain an anti-virus program:
Most new computers will come with a 30 or 60 day anti-virus trial program which you can use until you decide what program you want to eventually use. The trial program will need to be setup before it starts working. At the end of the trial you can either un-install it or pay on line for the extended version.
You can buy an anti-virus disk from the store.
There are a variety of free anti-virus programs available on-line however it would be beneficial to check with your bank as to which program supports their on-line banking systems. Windows 10 comes with an average built in anti-virus program which is free. How good it is, only time will tell.

Bank Scams

I know you’ve heard this so many times before but people are still falling for it, so this is a reminder to be careful.

Dear Customers Please be aware of these scams
They are not coming from the ANZ or any other banks. If you are getting these check with your bank, or just delete it.



I get this email regularly even though I’m not with ANZ.


Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that your profile will no longer be available due to suspected login activity.
Kindly login using our website below to restore your account now.……………… (Don’t click on the link it will take you to a fake web page).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for choosing ANZ Bank New Zealand.

  1. When you do login to your correct banking page the address in the top address bar should always start with https:// this means that it is a secure page.


Power on Notebooks/Laptops. 

Never plug your ac power adapter into your notebook/laptop and leave it in for months. I have seen this too many times. It will kill the battery which means you’ll find your battery won’t last the year out. Batteries need to be kept in use. Check out battery maintenance on the manufacturer’s website or your manual that comes with your notebook on battery maintenance. Under manufacturing warranties batteries only have a one year warranty although some apple batteries have a two year warranty. Extended warranties don’t cover batteries as they are classed as consumables, but have covered some devices where the batteries are not removable.

Wireless Broadband T/Stick 

These sticks can be expensive to run but are good tools when you need to be mobile.
Just be aware that they will start downloading updates when they are connected to your computer’ often without you knowing. This can result in using up your credit (data) and being an expensive exercise.

Windows Up-Dates 

Up-dating Windows on a regular basis is important because:

  • It enables the computer to correct and fix problems that may appear in Microsoft software and their applications.

  • It ensures your programs have the latest functions.

You may find it up-dating in the background when you turn off your computer this is quite normal and can take up to 30 mins to shut down. Please note: Avoid shutting down the computer before it has completed the update process as this may damage the Windows software.

Software and Warranties 

The software that comes with your computer is not covered by any warranty, however if you purchase a disk and it is found to be faulty then the disk is covered under the warranty. Please be aware when you are buying games, check that your computer has the correct specifications to run the game because stores are not obligated to refund your money due to the copyright law.